Find out information about F1 drivers in this section. Know about the current drivers in Formula 1, their professional career and their achievements.

F1 Drivers

Any race is ultimately the test of drivers' skills. A good driver can extract work even from a rather inferior car. Juan Manuel Fangio, the five times F1 world champion, reached on top riding on five different cars. Michael Schumacher was with Ferrari during most of his career. However, an exceptional driver as he was, he could drive any car to victory.

In this section, we have dealt with drivers serving currently with various Formula 1 teams. Some of these drivers are naturally talented while some have gained these skills after practicing and training for long hours. Know about the professional career of your favorite Formula drivers. Look for yourself how they started their career and blossomed. How they met their own struggle and emerged victorious. Know the aspects of their personality.

You can get here interesting information on drivers of the likes Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Robert Kubica, Heikki Kovalainen and Kimi Raikkonen. Know about their careers and take a leaf out of them. Appreciate their achievements for they have reached that height after a lot of hard work on racing as well as training circuits.