Here is information about current F1 racing teams. The info provided here includes the teams' development, their key players and their achievements in the racing arena.


F1 teams have caught the imagination of motor sports fans all over the world. Corporates and car manufacturers join hands in most cases to Formula One teams. However, there are cases when the manufacturers, called constructors, in F1 languages, have alone formed F1 team. Honda, Toyota and Renault are few such examples.

Making an F1 team is not an easy task. Any team management has to incur huge expenses to get the team running. The cars have lot of wear and tear and their components need to be regularly replaced. Engines, gears, tyres; all have very short life. Tyres have to be changed mid-race and engines after every race. The team also has to spend a lot in training and testing. Cash-rich teams are able to hire top names while the teams having lesser finance have to solace themselves with less-known drivers. Big teams spend millions of dollars on technology development and logistics every year.

Teams currently participating in F1 are BMW Sauber, Ferrari, Renault, McLaren, Toyota, Williams, Toro Rosso, Honda, Red Bull, Super Aguri and Force India. Ferrari and McLaren are two top teams of F1 arena. Legendary driver Michael Schumacher was associated with Ferrrari. Red Bull and Force India are relatively new entrants in F1 arena.