Know all about F1 in this section. Get information on types of circuits, constructors, flags, logistics, sponsors, tyres, tickets, tracks, watches etc here.

About F1

Formula One is a huge event with a multitude of factors. And every factor has a detailed dimension. Types of circuits, aerodynamics, constructors, flags, logistics, sponsors, tyres, watches, tracks, tickets, etc have been discussed in this section. Going through this section, you will get an idea what Formula One is all about.

Most races are organized in purpose-built circuits. However, some are street circuits like Marina Bay of Singapore, and Monza of Italy. Aerodynamics is widely used to make the cars more efficient. The makers of Formula One cars are called constructors. Logistics is of huge importance in F1 because luggage and cars have to be sent to different parts of the world, wherever the race is being held. Sponsors are of course importance because no competition would be possible without their support.

Find out about tracks which pose different kind of challenges for the drivers. Some tracks encourage fast driving while some are on uneven terrain and demand huge skills from the drivers. Learn how you can get the tickets for formula events. Know what role the racing schools have to play in the sport. The possible future course of F1 has also been discussed here.