FIA has framed a set of rules to govern F1 championship touching all subjects possible. All drivers in the race should be well-versed with these rules.


For organizing any event in a proper way, framing of rules is mandatory. The FIA has set up a comprehensive array of rules for the event, touching all topics possible on the subject. All teams and drivers have to conduct themselves in the light of these rules.

This section deals with FIA rules on subjects like cornering, drivers conduct, overtaking, pitstops, points scoring, practice & qualifying, safety car, car livery and start of race. Knowing these regulations will help you to understand the circumstances in which the F1 drivers work. It would enable you gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about rules and regulations in F1 championships.

Subjects like cornering, overtaking and pitstops play determining role in the outcome of F1 races. The drivers have to develop mastery over all these arts and drink in all rules and regulation related to all these. Even a small mistake could prove costly for them in close races.