Find out here about watches used during Formula 1 races. These watches, one of the accessories used in the event, can calculate to fractions of the seconds.


In any racing event, watch is an essential equipment. And when the event is Formula 1, the importance of watch increases manifold. Official F1 watches can keep track of the event to the fractions of a second. Drivers need to carry the watch because even a fraction of the watch can make a difference on the outcome of the race. F1 watches are essential part of the official range of Formula One clothing and accessories. Formula One philosophy is reflected in the design and manufacture of these watches.

Different Models and Shades
Formula 1 watches are available in several models and shades. These are different from the usual watches. Formula 1 watches have a separate section for tracking time at the level of subdivision of seconds. The watch has now become an essential part of the kit of every driver. Apart from accurate time, these watches have also added a quotient of fashion to the world of car racing. They are worn with pride by Formula One racers and fans have followed them.

Latest Watch Technology
Latest watch technology is used in the making of Formula One watches. And fashion is blended with these watches. High-tech materials like carbon, titanium and ceramics are used in the making of F1 watches. These watches are extremely good looking and sleek, and at the same time, fulfilling their basic purpose of providing accurate time. All F1 watches carry the logo of Formula One. For female fans, pink colored and pearl studded watches are made.