Fitness of drivers in Formula 1 racing has been discussed here in detail. Know why physical fitness is necessary for drivers in F1.

Driver Fitness

F1 drivers have to keep themselves fit to adapt to the demands of top-speed single-seater motor racing. All drivers undergo a period of conditioning to meet the physical demands of the sport. The drivers need the highest degree of stamina and endurances to compete effectively. Any Formula 1 driver has to be strong enough to last for full race distances.

Heavy Sweating
A number of forces work on the car while it is moving and the driver has to stave them off. Engines of Formula One cars produce extreme heat. This puts huge strain on the body of drivers. During the course of a race, drivers can sweat off anything up to 3kg of their body weight.

Cardio-vascular Training
Intensive cardio-vascular training is given to the driver for creating physical endurance. They have activities like running, swimming, cycling or even roller-blading. Neck and chest muscles of the driver need to withstand extreme pressure. Usual gym equipment is not fully able to develop the muscles needed. So the driver use specially designed rigs which enable them to develop those muscles. Strong arm muscles help control the cars during long races.

Controlled Diet
F1 drivers take controlled diet to keep themselves fit. Like track and field athletes, they regulate the amount of carbohydrate and protein that they absorb. They take carbohydrate-rich food during the race weekends. They also drink good amount of water before the race for heat in the cockpit cause lot of sweating, and lack of water in body could result in dehydration.