Formula 1 Champions are no less than stars. F1 champions have to undergo hard training to attain the skills needed to compete on highest level.


Winners of the motor car racing world championships are declared the Formula 1 Champions. A number of world class drivers appear in the event and compete for the title of F1 Champion. The drivers becoming F1 Champions get the status of superstar in the world of motor sports. Formula 1 Champions have taken the competition in the event to a new level.

Qualities of Formula 1 Champions
Drivers wanting to be Formula One Champion should have the ability to generate scorching speed. They should also know to maintain excellent control while driving fast. In addition, they need to learn skills like successful overtaking, breaking, cornering and so on. They also have to be physically fit to compete effectively in Formula One races. It is not about just driving fast. Real champions have to learn an assortment of skills to become extraordinary drivers.

Famous Formula 1 Champions
Formula One World Championships have given the world a number of famous champion drivers like Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Juan Fangio, Fernando Alonso and many more. Watching these drivers racing is something of delight.

The drivers have to undergo hard training to be successful as Formula One Champion. The speed and control they want to achieve comes only after hard training. They work hard to develop these attributes and emerge champions. They undergo rigorous training in driving schools and then practice hard. After lot of hard work and dedication, they are able to gain the skills needed for top level.