The FIA has specified the rules governing the use of tyres in Formula 1. Find out how the tires are used in F1 championships.


The FIA has laid down detailed specifications for the F1 tyres. Teams have to follow these rules while using Formula 1 tyres.

Single Tyre Supplier
All teams in Formula 1 use identical Bridgestone rubber. This reduces testing and development costs.

Specifications of Tyres
Every team has access to two specifications of dry-weather tyre. The drivers have to use both specifications during the race. During a race weekend, every driver has access to 14 sets of dry weather tires, four sets of wet weather and three sets of extreme weather.

Extreme Weather Tyres
During qualifying and the race, teams are free to use wet or extreme weather tyres. But, during the practice, they can only be used if the track has been declared wet. If the heavy rains force the race to start behind the safety car, teams have to mandatorily use extreme weather tyres.

Road Tyres and Race Tires
Road tyres are made for durability. But race tyres are built for short races. While road tyres are made with heavy steel-belted radial piles, tyres of the race car are made light and strong. Race tyres are more tolerant that road tyres. Very soft rubber compound is used to make racing tyres.