Formula 1 tracks are designed to test the skills of the drivers and quality of cars. F1 tracks follow the parameters laid down by the governing body.


F1 Tracks are designed to test the skills of the racers as well as the quality of the cars offered by esteemed companies like Ferrari, Mac Lauren, and Jaguar. Guidelines of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile or the FIA are followed for making these tracks. Formula 1 races, also known as Grand Prix, are held in enclosed circuits.

Famous Formula 1 Tracks
Some famous Formula 1 Tracks are Silverstone Circuit, Monaco Grand Prix Circuit, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Bahrain International Circuit.

Track Parameters
Length of Formula 1 tracks usually measures between five to six kilometers. Length of the Grand Prix circuit is between 200 and 320 km. Sharp bends and steep curves are deliberately created on Formula One tracks to test the skills of car drivers who driver their cars at the average speed of 300 plus kilometers per hour.

Challenge to Cars
Formula One tracks possess tough challenge for the cars. They demand the test of the skills of the cars and their drivers. Cars must the technologically equipped to negotiate the bends and curves of the track when on high speed. The drivers too have to flaunt their skills of utmost level.