Here is information regarding F1 flags. Know about Formula 1 flags used in Grand Prix races and their meaning.


Race marshals use various F1 flags to take across vital messages to the drivers. A GPS marshalling system is also installed in the cars. Each driver's cockpit has a special display. As the car passes through the particular track, the display lights up with the relevant flag color. This helps the drivers identify messages easily when traveling at high speed.

F1 Flags and Their Meaning

Chequered Session has ended
Yellow Danger ahead. Prohibits overtaking.
Green All clear
Red Session stopped for any reason whatsoever
Blue Let the faster car overtake
Yellow and red striped Slippery track surface
Black with orange circle Mechanical problem in car
Half black, half white Unsporting behavior
Black Return to pit; Exclusion from race
White Warns of a slow moving vehicle on track