Know about the course the governing body of Formula 1 plans to take in future. Find out what the experts think about future of F1 or Grand Prix.


F1 is riddled with disagreements about its future direction. Within the governing body itself, there are differences about the direction Formula 1 should take. Interest of car companies and fans are at odds. The manufacturing companies want to use Formula 1 to serve their interests while fans love it just as an exciting sport.

A group in the governing body wants to keep F1 relevant to the advance of road car technology also keep it eco-friendly. But the other group sees F1 just as a sport and nothing more. They hold that the purpose of Formula One is to offer entertainment and rules should be framed to serve this purpose.

Changes Proposed
The regulations are proposed to be changed from the current 2.4 litre V8 format to 2.2 litre turbocharged V6s. running on biofuel and developing 100 horsepower less than present. The max engine revs would be reduced from 19,000 to 10,000 making the new generation F1 cars less noisy. Engines would be needed to last for five races although the cars would be allowed to have traction control.

Supporters of the new proposals concede that these measures would drive the cost up in the short term, but in long term, it would help manufacturers develop green technology, which could also be used in road cars. They claim that entertainment factor would not be compromised while implementing these measures.

Opposing the Changes
F1 enthusiasts opposing the changes have their own logic. If the sport becomes two dependent on technology, it would reduce itself to being the R&D departments of the manufacturing companies. Too many aids for the drivers would lessen his dependence on his skills and also reduce the joy of the game. Expulsion of human factor would make the game boring. Concepts like 'green' should be kept out of the sports like F1.

The Road Ahead
There is close tussle between the two sections within the FIA. Future of Formula One depends on the group emerging victorious.