Here is information about Formula 1 constructors. Know about constructors in F1 as well as how they differ with entrants.


The term 'Constructor' applies in F1 for a corporate or any well-organized body which constructs the car, engine or chassis. The constructor of an engine or chassis owns the intellectual rights to it.

Formula 1 World Champion Constructor
The title of Formula 1 World Champion Constructor is given to the car that has drawn the most points during the course of the season. A car's engine and chassis, both are taken into account while deciding on its points. If a car's chassis and engine constructor is the same, the title simply goes to that constructor. But, if the makers of the chassis and engine are different, the title is given jointly, like Ferrari-Honda, Renault-Mercedes etc. The name of the chassis constructor comes before that of the engine constructor.

Constructor and Entrant
The terms 'constructor' and 'entrant' have different and specific meanings. An entrant is the person or corporate entity that registers a car and driver for a race season. Thereafter the responsibility of preparing and maintaining that car during the race weekend lies with them. The term 'team' is usually applied to an entrant organization.

A team need not be a constructor. It could source its engines and chassis from the companies which manufacture it.

Constructors in F1
BMW Sauber (Germany), Ferrari (Italy), Honda (Japan), Renault (France), Toyota (Japan)