Know all about Formula 1 race control. Race Director is at the helm of affairs for race control in F1 Grand Prix races, assisted by his team.

Race Control

Race control monitors and supervises all events of a F1 Grand Prix weekend. All stages of the Grand Prix including practice, qualifying and race sessions are monitored. All circuits have necessary features to enable the FIA staff control the race.

CCTV System and Timing Data
Dedicated Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system has been set up on all Formula One circuits. The screens provide images from every part of the circuit. Thanks to this, the race controller can keep watch on the participants closely. The race control team has access to all timing data as well as plethora of additional information like the pit lane speed trap. With all this info on hand, he ensures that the proceedings are undergoing normally.

Marshals and Safety Car
The Race Director is in constant telephone and radio contact with marshals, safety car, medical team and the medical centre. In the event of any mishappening, he can co-ordinate with all the relevant people. The race control can deploy the safety car whenever it deems fit.

Disciplinary Issues
The race control team includes the Race Director, other FIA personnel, and staff from the local circuit itself. A normal part of the race control’s responsibility is that of disciplining drivers who have violated rules and sporting code. However, complicated disciplinary issues, such as deciding the blame for an accident or contact between cars, are decided after the race, to give the accused driver a chance to defend himself.

In the case of race circumstances being dangerous, the decision of stopping the race rests with the Race Director.