Know how F1 Grand Prix racing evolved into its current form. Find out here history and evolution of F1 races which is another name for Grand Prix racing.

F1 Grand Prix

F1 Grand Prix, in practical terms, is another name for F1 Races. The events of Formula One World Championships are called Grand Prix racing events.

Evolution of Grand Prix Racing
Grand Prix motor racing has its origins in organized automobile racing that began way back in France in 1894. Something which started as a simple road race evolved in scale, technology, popularity and innovation. Soon the speeds exceeded 100 miles per hour. The races were held on the open roads those days which resulted in more fatalities.

First Grand Prix
The first event with Grand Prix in its name was the Grand Prix de Pau in 1901. However, Grand Prix was not a widely used term in those times. First race to regularly use name Grand Prix was organized by Automobile Club de France in 1906. This was a track race replacing the open races which were the norms those days.

Racing on Public Roads
For long time, races were held over a lengthy circuit of closed public roads, and not purpose-built tracks. The exceptions were the steeply banked egg-shaped oval fields. The races were held in several places. However, there was nothing like a formal championship. These were loose collection of races run to various rules.

Era of AIACR
In 1920s, several national motor clubs clubbed to form the Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIACR). One of its panels was empowered to regulate Grand Prix and other forms of international racing. Till 1928, all competitions were held in accordance with a strict formula based on engine size and vehicle weight. The regulating body came up with an era when race organizers were let loose to hold their events.

Entry of Corporates
Races having Grand Prix status increased consistently. From 1927 to 1934, the number of GP races jumped from 9 to 34. Several corporate names emerged during this time which together changed the face of the game. The 1933 Monaco Grand Prix became the first event when all the competing vehicles were painted in the international auto racing colors.

FIA Era Begins
After the World War II, several important changes took place. The AIACR reorganized itself as the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile or the FIA. The organization was headquartered in Paris. During 1949 season it announced that it would be linking several national Grands Prix events to create Formula 1 with a World Championship for drivers. A point system was set up by the authority. It also framed regular rules and regulations to govern the races.