Get informed here about Formula 1 racing schools. These F1 training schools provide specialized courses for the students of all levels.

Racing Schools

Racing is a skill and it can be acquired at F1 racing schools. The Formula 1 racing schools offer training to their students at various levels. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of training of car racing. The students can get training according to their requirements. Rigorous and quality training provided at good racing schools prepares the students for the challenges ahead.

F1 Racing schools have specialized courses for the students of all levels. They deal with all aspects of car driving. They not only include the techniques of driving in their course but also teach safety and security techniques. In professional car racing, these security techniques are as important as driving the car. No one knows when an accident would pose danger to a driver's life. If he is well aware of safety techniques, he could try to save life at such an event.

Location of Training Schools
Most training schools are in the countries where Formula One car racing is popular. All these schools have different types of training sessions fulfilling the requirement of the racers. These racing schools are required to be affiliated to MTO and recognized by FIA.

Training Schedules
The racing schools have automatic and manual shifts training schedules. They are taught fast driving as well as defensive driving techniques. Their skills are then tested on tough on-road tests. Instructors in recognized formula one racing schools are highly-qualified and trained in their profession. Only the FIA certified instructors can work in the training schools. The schools have both part time instructors as well as full-time professionals.

Theoratical cum Practical Training
Theoratical as well as practical lessons are given to the students. Mechanisms involved in formula one racing are explained to students during theory. They are given racing tips and training at the practical. Skid controlling, performance driving and avoiding collision are parts of the training program. Anyone who has successfully undergone training at a racing school becomes an expert Formula One driver.