Here is information about F1 Spanish Grand Prix, held at Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona. Know in detail about Formula 1 Spanish GP.

Spanish Grand Prix

Spanish Grand Prix, a part of the annual Formula One season, is held at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona, Spain. Since 1991 the Grand Prix is held here at Catalunya circuit. Previously the event was held at circuits like Jerez, Jarama, Montjuïc, Pedralbes and Lasarte. Spanish GP has always been an exciting experience.


Laps 66
Circuit length 4.655 km (2.892 mi)
Race length 307.104 km (190.825 mi)
First held 1913
Most wins (drivers) Michael Schumacher (6)
Most wins (constructors) Ferrari (11)

Barcelona circuit is a good combination of high and low-speed corners. Its abrasive and rather bumpy track surface is demanding for the drivers. Tyres wear rapidly and winds in different directions mean that a driver never finds time to settle. The Elf corner on the track has some overtaking opportunities. The New Holland turn is quite challenging for the drivers. For maximizing speed at the Elf, a quick exit is must here.

Record Holders
  • Michael Schumacher holds the record of most wins (6).
  • Ferrari holds the record of having the most wins (11) in constructors section.
  • Lap record of 1:21.670 is held by K Raikkonen. He made the record in 2008.