First F1 Singapore Grand Prix, held at the Singapore Street Circuit, was the first night race in Formula 1. The inaugural race in Singapore was staged on a new street circuit.

Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Grand Prix, held in the Marina Bay region of Singapore, is Formula One's first night race. It is also the first Formula One street race in Asia. The first F1 race, held here in September 2008, was won by Spanish driver Fernando Alonso of the Renault F1 team. The inaugural Singapore Grand Prix was staged on a new street circuit, with the city skyline offering a perfect backdrop. The race direction is anti-clockwise.


Laps 61
Circuit length 5.067 km (3.148 mi)
Race length 309.087 km (192.066 mi)
First held 1966

Singapore Street Circuit
Being a night race on street circuit, Singapore is one of the most dramatic and atmospheric races on our calendar. The timing of the event means it can be broadcast at a convenient time for European television audiences as well as for the local fans. The race has brought a hugely positive economic impact on the region.

The street circuit has 61 laps and 23 turns. Along Raffles Boulevard the speed reaches in excess of 300 km/h. On Pit Straight, St. Andrew’s Road and Esplanade Drive, the speed is between 250 and 300 km/h. Slowest corners are T3, T10, T14, T18, and T19, where the speed is 80-100 km. The drivers can overtake on Turn 1 Pit Straight, Turn 7 Raffles Boulevard and Turn 14 Esplanade Drive.

The Route
The pit area has been made off Republic Boulevard. Cars take a temporary track to Republic Boulevard. The track then moves along Nicoll Highway, Stamford Road and Saint Andrew's Road. The cars then move onto the Anderson Bridge, past the Fullerton Hotel and make a turn for Esplanade Drive. After the Esplanade the cars cut right to reach Marina Bay Floating Stadium. Then they return to the pit area via another temporary road. The cars pass underneath a section of grandstand of the Floating Platform in between turns 18 and 19.