Know the role of safety car in Formula 1 or F1 races. The safety car is used in Grand prix races to make the track safe for racing.

Safety Car

The F1 Safety Car assists in making the track safe for racing throughout the Grand Prix weekend. An experienced circuit driver drives the safety car. An FIA observer, in perennial contact with the race control, is also in the car.

Arrival in Circuit
The Formula 1 safety car arrives on the track on the event of an accident. Its role is to slow the cars down. The safety car appears on the circuit with its orange lights on. All drivers have to form a queue behind the safety car. No overtaking is allowed. The safety car signals backmarkers to pass using its green light until the race leader comes immediately behind it, followed by the rest of the cars. In case the incident has blocked the pit straight, the safety car leads the field through the pit lane. The cars can stop at their pit garage.

Leaving the Circuit
While leaving the circuit, the safety car extinguishes its orange lights. It moves off into the pits at the end of the current lap. The cars continue in formation until they cross the start-finish line. When the green lights appear, they restart the race.