Pitstops have an important role to play in Formula 1. Know about pit stops in F1 here including what role they play when cars visit them.


A pit stop is the place where a racing vehicle stops during a race for refueling, new tires, repairs, mechanical adjustments or a driver change during F1 races. Pitstops have key role to play in car racing. Pitstops help teams fructify their race strategy into success. Refueling and changing a car's tyres or attending to minor car hiccups can be done within seconds. Modern pitstops are minutely organized. Modern pitstops came into being when refueling was allowed during the races. Routine pit stops can be over in less than seven seconds.

Refueling and Tyre Change
The lollypop man, as he is known, guides the car into the pit. He gets this name for the distinctive shape of the long 'stop/ first gear' sign he holds in front of the car. The car stops on the precise stop. Two mechanics start it refueling with heavy rig. It has to be precisely slotted into the car before refueling. If a tyre change is needed, car is immediately jacked up front and rear. Three mechanics work together while changing the wheel. One removes and refits the nut with a high-speed airgun, one removes the old wheel and one fits the new one.

Technical Adjustments
Minor technical adjustments can also be done at the same time. The angle of the front and rear wings could be changed for increasing or decreasing downforce levels. However, work on damaged bodywork could take longer though, at the time of manufacturing, most frequently broken components are made in such a way that they could be replaced quickly. The mechanics also remove debris or rubbish from the car's air intakes during a pit stop. A mechanic is always there with a power-operated engine starter. If the car refuses to start instantly, he can use his skills.

Safe Depart
When the mechanics are through their work, they step back and raise their hands. The lollypop man makes the car depart safely from the pit, ensuring that no other car is passing in the pit lane.