Here is information about Formula 1 driver rules, schedule and tough challenges. Know about rules and regulations for F1 drivers.

Driver Rules

F1 Drivers have tight schedule and tough challenges. They have to work hard to attain mastery over the skills they require. They spend long hour over the race track with their teams. They practice hard and work out their strategies for the race day. They leave their homes early for practice. All year round, they keep on training and practicing, to maintain the level of fitness and skills. They regularly visit gym to keep themselves fit for the races. Formula 1 drivers are seldom off their way of life. Once a race is over, they return to their routine within two days.

General Rules
Before appearing for a race, Formula One Drivers thoroughly check the condition of their cars. Just before the event, the drivers have to attend two practice sessions and then a warm-up before their cars are actually qualified for participation in the race. Regulations are set for the drivers by the Federation Internationale de I'Automobile or the FIA. The drivers are duty bound to follow these regulations.

Dress Code
During the race, the drivers have to wear helmets which meet the FIA standard 8860-2004 - Advanced Helmet Test Specification. They are required to wear overalls, long underwear, a balaclava, socks and shoes to the standards of the FIA 8856-2000. The clothes they wear should be loose enough to give them extra protection.

Escaping the Fans
Top F1 Drivers have large armies of fans to support them. However, at the occasion of a race, the drivers have to escape the attention of these fans to reach the place of the race on time. There have been occasions when the drivers have to hire helicopters to reach the circuits.

Popular Formula One Drivers
Some Formula One Drivers who have earned great name and fame for themselves are Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Ayrton Senna, Gueseppe Farino, Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell, Jacques Villeneuve, Jack Brabham, and Juan Manuel Fangio.