Formula 1 race start is governed by well-defined regulations. Know here about start of race regulations in F1 world championships.

Race Start

In all F1 races, cars follow a strict start procedure which begins half an hour before the formation lap. The drivers try for immediate advantage. All the cars are vastly powerful and drivers hugely skillful. To watch them trying hard to gain advantage is something to watch. The drivers have to follow some rules at the start of the race.
  • When all cars have positioned themselves at the grid at the end of the formation lap, five red lights will appear in sequence at one-second intervals. The lights are then off to signal the commencement of the race.
  • Drivers are allowed to do a reconnaissance lap of the circuit before occupying their grid positions. The drivers can have additional reconnaissance laps but every time they have to pass through the pit lane.
  • The pit lane is closed 15 minutes before the formation lap. If a driver is still in the pit lane, he will have to begin the race from the pit lane itself.
  • At the start of the race, only the team technical staff, race officials and drivers should be present. The cars should be ready with their engines running.
  • If a racer has a problem prior to the green light, he should raise his arm as indication. The marshals will arrive to help him once the rest of the field has moved off.
  • Practice starts are not permitted during the formation lap.
  • A driver who is still on the grid when other cars have moved off on the formation lap, he should begin from the back. He may not re-pass cars to regain his grid position.
  • If it begins to rain just before the start, the abort lights will be on. The teams will be allowed time to change to appropriate tyres.