Here is information regarding points system in Formula 1. A well-formulated governs scoring of points in F1.

Points System

A well-formulated points system is followed in Formula 1 world championships. All participants, including the drivers and constructors, are awarded points in accordance with the point scoring system. The top eight finishers in each F1 Grand Prix are awarded points according to the following scale:

1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 08 points
3rd place: 06 points
4th place: 05 points
5th place: 04 points
6th place: 03 points
7th place: 02 points
8th place: 01 point

However if a race is suspended and cannot be restarted, the points are not awarded. In case the race has been done upto 75 per cent of the total distance, half points are awarded. If the total distance covered is less than two laps, points are not given.

The point will be clear with an example. Suppose A and B, both are driving for Renault in a Grand Prix. A finishes second and B fifth. A will be awarded eight points while B will be given four points. The constructor Renault, in the fray for constructors' championship, will score twelve points (eight plus four).

If there is a tie of point, then the driver or team with the higher number of superior race results is declared the winner. For example, if two teams finish at top with equal points, the winner would be the team with the most race wins.