Here is information about practice and qualifying sessions in Formula 1. Know about Saturday session in F1, which is mandatory.

Practice & Qualifying Sessions

All F1 Grand Prix races have practice and qualifying sessions for the participants. The racers can take part in the practice sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. While individual practice sessions are not mandatory, it is imperative for the drivers to take part in at least one Saturday session.

The qualifying session of Saturdays in Formula 1 is divided into three distinct parts. Every session has multiple drivers on track simultaneously. The drivers are prohibited from stopping unnecessarily on the circuit or obstruct other drivers.

First Part
During the first 20 minutes, 22 cars can run laps. The six slowest cars drop out to fill the final six grid places.

Second Part
Sixteen remaining cars run in a 15-minute session. The six slowest cars drop out to fill places 11 to 16 on the grid.

Third Part
The third part is the final 10 minute session. The remaining 10 cars compete for the starting order for the top 10 grid places.