Red Bull Racing, which has been competing in F1 championship since 2005, has given mixed performance. Here is info about Red Bull F1 team.

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing, owned by an Austrian beverage company, is a good team but hasn't lived up to its potential till now. The team made its debut in F1 championship in 2005 and till date, its performance has been mixed.

Fast Facts
Red Bull Racing is based at Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. Race drivers of the team are D. Coultyard and M Webber. S Buemi is the test driver. The car uses RB4 chassis and Renault RS27 engine. First season of Red Bull was 2005.

Reb Bull Racing in F1
Red Bull Racing was quite successful in 2005. They were clear seventh in the standings. However, in 2006, their performance was mediocre. Second season was more difficult than the first. David Coulthard got first podium in Monaco for the team. They amassed 18 points less than in '05. The team recorded at least one retirement in each of the first seven races. It improved in mid-season. In Hungary Grand Prix, their performance earned appreciation.

Making of the Team
When Ford put up Jaguar Racing for sale in September 2004, Red Bull, a large energy drinks company, agreed to its purchase. However, this was not the start of Red Bull's involvement in motorsport. Red Bull had long-term partnership with the Sauber Formula One team. When it set up its own team, it ended the relationship with Sauber. Red Bull Racing was one of only four teams (apart from Ferrari, Midland F1 and WilliamsF1) to have signed the Concorde Agreement starting in 2008, assuring its long-term involvement in Formula One.