Owned by a Japanese car manufacturer, Honda F1 racing team reached the coveted top step of the podium in their second year of competition.

Honda F1

Honda F1 team is owned by Japanese car manufacturer Honda. Based at Brackley in United Kingdom, it uses the facilities of former British American Racing, which Honda acquired in 2005.

Honda team made its Formula One debut in the 1964 German Grand Prix. Honda Racing F1 Team came into being in 1963. This surprised everyone for the company had produced its first road car just three years back. Another startling move was their decision to build their own engine and chassis, something only Ferrari and BRM had done before. The makers of the cars were all Japanese. It was only driven by American drivers.

Honda in F1
Honda reached the coveted top step of the podium in only their second year of competition. They dominated the track in 1966 Formula 2 season, winning every race that year with Jack Brabham's team. As constructor, they competed in 47 Grands Prix in the 1960s. However, Honda decided to withdraw from F1 at the end of the 1969 Formula One season.

Honda participated in F1 as an engine supplier from 1983 to 1992. They supplied engines to Spirit, Lotus, McLaren, Tyrrell and Williams. Honda engine cars had won 71 Grands Prix, by the end of the 1992 season. However, it again decided to drop out of the sport.

Honda was presented in F1 from 1993 to 1998 through its associates Mugen Motorsports, who supplied engines to Footwork, Lotus, Ligier, Prost and Jordan. In 1998, Honda was considering rejoining the F1 as a constructor. But an accident prompted them to shelve their project.

In 2003, Honda entered into partnership with British American Racing (BAR). In 2005, Honda became the sole owner of BAR. From 2006, the team contested as Honda Racing F1. Its performance was mediocre in the years till 2008.

Honda has till now completed more than 70 races with three race victories, two pole positions and three fastest laps. In 2006 race session, Honda team finished at fourth position.

Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello are the race drivers of Honda. Test drivers are Alexander Wurz, Mike Conway and Luca Filippi. Chasis used in the car is Honda RA108 and the engine is Honda RA808E.

Honda Car
Honda team began races by using white livery. However, it has now switched to a livery dubbed the 'Earth Car'. It has minimal corporate advertising, and depicts the planet earth and space.