Know the role India is currently playing in F1 racing. Also find out the chances of F1 race in India which the people in the country are waiting eagerly for.

India in F1

Motorsports in general, and F1 in particular, have caught the fantasy of Indian fans. Narain Karthikeyan played a spectacular role in making the sport popular. Drivers like Karun Chandok and Armaan Ebrahim have the potential to make an Indian mark in the arena of car racing.

F1 Race in India
Recognizing the sport's rising popularity in India, the FIA has expressed inclination to hold a Grand Prix event in the country. However the details haven't been finalized it. India expects entry in GP calendar in 2011.

India in Motorsports
Sundaram Karivardhan is a pivotal figure of Indian motorsports. Born in Coimbatore, he was not only a successful formula car racer, but also a designer and constructor of several Formula cars. Kari, as he was popularly called was dedicated to the development of Indian motor sports. He spotted many young talents and nurtured them.

Narain Karthikeyan is the biggest name in the arena of Indian motor sports. He is the only driver till date to have participated in F1. He raced for Jordan in 2005 Australian Grand Prix. He also worked as a test driver for Williams team. He was Formula Asia Champion in 1996. He won British Formula Ford Winter Series in 1994. Narain's impact on Indian motorsports was greater than his means. He gave Indians the confidence that they had the talent to compete at the highest level.

India has placed high hopes on two rising stars, Karun Chandok and Armaan Ebrahim. Both young drivers are naturally talented and hopefully, they will take the Indian motorsports to new heights.

Force India
Vijay Mallya, an Indian millionaire, together with the Mol family set up Force India F1 team in October 2007. They purchased the Spyker Formula One team for € 88 million and renamed it Force India F1. Base of Force India F1 is at Silverstone, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.