Electrical system in F1 cars has to be developed according to specifications. FIA specified electronic system is used for controlling the engine and gearbox.

Electrical System

Federation Internationale de l'Automobile or the FIA has made it mandatory for the cars participating in F1 races to develop their electrical and electronic systems in accordance with the specifications. Any changes in the electrical system have to be notified to the FIA at the start of the season. For controlling the engine and gearbox, FIA specified electronic control system should be used.

Launch Control Systems
Launch control systems must indicate when they were activated. The systems which can automatically detect the race start signal are prohibited. The cars must carry an accident data recorder. The equipment is connected to a medical warning light placed ahead of the cockpit opening. The light indicates to the rescue team severity of an accident and they can act accordingly.

Track Signal Information
Cockpit of the cars must have a track signal information display. The system tells the driver of circuit conditions. The red, blue and yellow lights indicate the driver about the condition ahead. Systems capable of electronically detecting the race start signal are prohibited. All software used in the system must be registered with the FIA.

Proper Software Versions
The cars are checked before the events to ensure that the electrical systems have been using proper software versions.