Cameras are fitted on F1 cars to provide on-board TV footage. Formula 1 cars can have six camera housings as per the rules.


All F1 cars are required to be fitted with two cameras or camera housings which are used to provide on-board TV footage. F1 cars have six camera mounting points. Size and details of camera housings are specified by the FIA. The vehicles must also carry timing transponder provided by the officially appointed timekeepers. The equipments enable the timekeepers to record lap time of every car.

As for the cameras, one of these must always be mounted on top of the air box right behind the driver's head. The FIA decides about the second housing after consulting the teams. All camera housings should be determined in the specified manner. However any decision as to whether a camera or camera housing is fitted in those positions will depend on the team. Camera of dummy camera fitted in some specific positions must be mounted in such a way that its major axis does not subtend an angle greater than 5° to the reference plane.